German-English translations with a little extra sparkle

Everyone has had a good old giggle over an unfortunate menu translation on holiday, or some polite but entirely incomprehensible notice in a foreign hotel. When it comes to business communication and the laugh is on you, though, it’s not so funny. In a professional context, poor English (or, God forbid, Denglish) is downright embarrassing, especially for a company or institution which prides itself on its international orientation.

You wouldn’t ask a plumber to do your electrical wiring, so why ask your secretary or intern to do your translations? This is your company’s image we’re talking about! The only way to avoid stilted sentences, confusing grammar, inappropriate expressions and the other horrible symptoms of translationese is to get a professional on the case. And that is where wordbird comes in.

  • native English speaker and languages graduate –accurate, sensitive and fluent translations
  • 10 years of translation experience, including in an international law firm
  • near-bilingual German skills after a decade in Germany
  • translation and "language polishing" – give your texts a little added sparkle