• legal texts (correspondence, agreements, court rulings, official documents etc., especially in the areas of employment and media law)
  • PR and marketing material (websites, newsletters, flyers, brochures, press releases etc.)
  • screenplays, treatments, synopses etc.
  • exhibition texts
  • essays, articles, doctoral theses and much more.


I was born and grew up in England, studied languages at Oxford where I obtained my MA and, after a year in Vienna, moved to Germany in 2001. I have worked as a translator since graduation, in fields including environmental technology, film and culture marketing. Valuable experience in legal translation was provided by a 2.5 year spell in an international law firm. My clients range from lawyers to music festivals, publishing companies, universities and museums. A week’s work for me might involve anything from screenplays to employment contracts and birth certificates to exhibition texts. I love the variety and creativity involved in translating, and the challenge of coming up with an accurate yet stylistically appropriate, fluent rendition of the original text. The written word is a fascinating thing.